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Saint Santorini

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A special place in the corner of Oia in Santorini, where comfort prevails in front of a stunning view of the Aegean Sea and the Caldera. Considering the fact that Saint is located in Oia, privacy is not lacking in this hotel. Each private room looks different and more special than the other, thus giving uniqueness and charm to this rare hotel. The hotel is dominated by white color interior and exterior, which is typical for the island of Santorini. When you enter the main entrance, in front of you are the stairs that lead you down to the restaurant, and looking from the side to the villas and magical rooms, with private pools and impressive views. Each room has comfortable royal beds and heated pools, making you think you’ll never want to leave this place.
When you continue down the stairs, there is the Trinity Restaurant, which has a rich menu with very special dishes, accompanied by an amazing view towards the infinity pool and the Caldera. The hotel also has SPA, with massage rooms, sauna and hammer bath. These features make Saint Hotel one of the most beautiful, unique and most visited hotels in Santorini.